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About Us

Crisp Cosmetics is a highly innovative and scientific natural beauty brand.

Its visionary founder and director Maryam Shahsavar had a vision of producing a skincare product in which women do not have to choose between their commitment to a sustainable lifestyle or using the most effective anti-aging skincare.

She strongly believes that women should not choose between luxury and affordability. Crisp Cosmetics is Maryam's mission to give women of all ages the power of choosing the beauty products that support a sustainable and green planet whilst also providing the most effective and scientifically proven anti-aging skincare. Maryam believes every woman deserves to look in the mirror and love what she sees and look at her beauty products and enjoy the sense of luxury while knowing it did not hurt her budget.

Nature and Chemistry

The launch of Crisp Cosmetics the natural beauty brand was a product of Maryam’s background as she is a chemist from a very traditional family, brought up by her grandmother and influenced by her love of nature. She remembers the good old days, when her grandmother would tell her about the nasty chemicals in the beauty products and say "All these chemicals go to people's blood streams and make them sick”. Maryam admired her simple way of thinking and could see the effectiveness of her skincare routine by the use of fruit-extract on her skin. However, in the busy life of the 21st century, it does not seem feasible to follow this skincare routine. 

Studying chemistry and living in the beautiful, clean, green New Zealand, made her interested in finding out more about chemistry in nature. Following a few years of reading articles and research, she developed unique, natural formulas and contacted different companies to find a way to produce the best natural product that every women deserves and can afford to use.

Crisp Cosmetics is a pioneer in natural skincare and delivers outstanding results. Crisp cosmetics skin care products support production of collagen and embrace healthy and clean skin.

Our Promise

This is just the beginning of what we believe will change the future of skincare! We value our long-term customers and guarantee that you can put your trust in us and will be provided with the best service resulting in a significant change in your skin with the use of our products. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about our story and we hope you enjoy our products, happy shopping!