"I have been loving using this beautiful skin care range, the scent is soft and gentle and it feels incredible on my skin. My skin has such a beautiful glow to it now!"
-Simone Anderson , Simone’s Journey To Health 
"Love the Eye Cream and Moisturiser"
- Cathy Hurley
Been using these products for 3 months now and it's cleared up acne and scarring. My skin is so much brighter now!! Love it ❤️
-Kauri May
Looovveee these products 💖 I've been using the cleanser & moisturiser for about 6 months now. It’s brightened & smoothed the texture of my skin A LOT, I suffer from hormonal breakouts & now I get hardly anything ✨ It took time, but it’s definitely worth it!! + Pretty affordable & smells really good too 👌🏼
-Jay Lister
Beautiful product, feels wonderful on skin , affordable and Vegan . 🍀
-Sara Behrooze
These are my results after just 3 weeks of using crisp cosmetics! I had severe acne and it has begun to clear up my skin very quickly as well as brightening it. Really thrilled with my results. 
Thank you so much, your products are honestly amazing. I swear by them, they have changed my skin and my life!
-Zola Mugridge